dr stefan vos

Stefan, through his company svmra, specialises in the regulation of marketing communications.  Stefan assists various multi-national and local marketers, advertising agencies, and law firms with legal and self-regulatory advice on any marketing communications.

During his ten-year tenure at the ASA as head of legal and regulatory affairs, Stefan was, amongst other things, counselling the ASA on administrative and constitutional law, and on the ambit and interpretation of the ASA codes (advertising and sponsorship codes); as well as serving on various government and industry initiatives, and liaising with the ASA’s international counterparts.

He is regularly requested to act as a public speaker and lecturer on topics such as the ASA, the Consumer Protection Act, food labelling, complementary medicine, and liquor.

Stefan has a doctorate degree in law (dealing with the regulation of offensive advertising); as well as a masters degree specialising in intellectual property law and administrative law.


svmra makes use of various experts in their particular fields, when necessary, to ensure that our clients get tailor-made service and advice.