svmra can provide you with detailed advice as to whether or not your ideas and concepts comply with the laws and regulations that impact on marketing communications; and whether amendments are necessary to bring non-complying material into line with the rules. A small change to the copy can be a significant saving in the long run.

claim validation

Marketers are required to have a reasonable basis for making claims in marketing communications.  svmra can advise as to whether or not the proof you hold in support of any claims you intend using in marketing communications are likely to be accepted; and can also point you in the direction of other experts that can help you further, should it be necessary.

promotional competitions

Marketers are required to hold terms and conditions for promotional competitions prior to launch.  svmra can assist in the drafting of such terms and conditions; or in the vetting thereof.


svmra can advise whether your marketing and/or labelling is in compliance with the various South African national standards and/or regulations, and the Consumer Protection Act.

intellectual property

svmra can also assist you with researching new devices / concepts and strap lines to ensure that there is not a prior user, locally or internationally.

challenging ads

svmra can also be of assistance when you need to challenge a competitive marketing communication.  With its thorough understanding of the rules and procedures, svmra can advise you on the correct processes to follow, and assist in the formulation, and handling, of your challenge. Should the challenge be unsuccessful, svmra can also assist with appealing the decision.

defending ads

It is ultimately a question of how well your homework was done prior to the campaign, as response times, especially in a self-regulatory forum, are very short.  svmra can assist you with your response to a challenge, and the correct processes to follow in lodging your response.  Should the challenge be successful, svmra can also advise on the appropriate action to take to remedy the marketing communication, and appeal the decision.


svmra offers tailor-made training on the legal, regulatory and self-regulatory aspects of marketing communications and promotional competitions.


svmra also offers these services to its clients in other territories, as far as possible.